Grace Ice and Water Shield Roofing Materials

Grace Ice & Water Shield Roofing Underlayment

The Best of the Best Roofing Underlayment in the Industry

Grace Ice & Water Shield is a self-adhering rubberized asphalt roofing underlayment designed to protect against weather conditions. In Long Island, it’s crucial to be prepared for ice-packed roofs and strong rain and wind.

This roofing underlayment bonds to the roof and seals without adhesives. When asked about this product, Matthew Forrest said, “This underlay is the best they make! Every time you put a nail through the Grace, it self-seals.”

At Roofing in the Hamptons, we intentionally choose not to cut corners with our roofing materials. From one nail hole that’s not sealed properly, your roof can end up having a leak 20 feet away from that location. In most situations, you can prevent roofing problems by becoming more informed about the frequently asked roofing questions

The benefits of the Grace Ice & Water Shield are:

  1. Self-adhering rubberized asphalt roofing underlayment
  2. Protects against ice, wind, and rain
  3. Adheres to the roof deck easily
  4. Tear-resistant, crack-resistant, and the ability to prevent rot or dry

GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD® has been installed on over 2 million homes and in 25 countries. It has gradually proven itself as the top roofing material emphasizing protection since 1978.

This roofing material outperforms all of its competitors, letting contractors shine and keeping families safe and dry. Learn more here

Grace Ice and Water Shield Roofing Technology

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