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Mansion or Beach Shack in The Hamptons? Always Trust #1 Roofing Company in Montauk

If You’ve Made It To Montauk, You’ve Made It!

For some, living in the Hamptons is a lifetime goal.  For Matthew Forrest, owner/founder of Roofing in the Hamptons, living even close to Montauk, in Southampton for example, is a treat. When Matthew took over his father’s business, he did so with the hope of spreading his services throughout Long Island.  As that dream became more and more manifest, the energy required to maintain a full scale contracting company was felt. As Matthew begins his journey into fatherhood, he has decided to keep things close and focus the efforts of his roofing company in Montauk and the towns and villages of The Hamptons.

How does Roofing in the Hamptons have the confidence to call itself the best roofing company in Montauk? With the motto, “Always Clean, Always on Time and Always in the Spirit of Service“, locals always commend Matthew’s team for being respectful and professional.

Other services offered by Matthew:

How to find the right roofing company in Montauk?

We all know the difference between finding a random company on Google vs. knowing the right local roofing contractor in your town. With a quick call, you can get a contractor to your home or job site in less than three days. Next, the contractor should help you understand your best options for roofing. Figuring out your roof type is easy.  

Cheapest and Fastest Roof Repair on a Budget

Staying within a budget? Perfect! When Matthew, our lead contractor, comes to your property for a site visit, he will no doubt try to meet you where you’re at. In all instances, we promise to finish your roof quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Even though we love working with top-quality materials, one way we can cut costs is by using materials that are more affordable than those holding a lifetime warranty. Basically, Matthew is a pro at quickly preparing a plan for your roof that will match your budget and timeline. It’s also helpful to remember that going with a top-quality roof means the value of your home will also increase. These days, locals know that getting a roof repaired with Roofing in the Hamptons is one of the smartest decisions. With over 15 years in business and a strong and reliable team, we have become the most reliable roofing company in Montauk.

Roofing Company in Montauk is a Local Favorite

To find such a dependable roofing company means something on the East End of Long Island. Local homeowners and business owners have less time than ever to scour the internet by looking through reviews. To have a go-to guy is what a local community thrives on. At Roofing in the Hamptons, our roofers have over 15 years of experience working together as a team and “raising the roof” in Montauk.

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