Roofing Company in Sag Harbor NY

Tips on Finding a Roofing Company in Sag Harbor

Tip #1: Stay Local

Matthew Forrest is the proud owner/founder of Roofing in the Hamptons. When he took over his father’s contracting business in 2006, he did so with the hope of spreading his services throughout Long Island — to become the most widely known construction company on the Island.  As you can imagine, the energy it takes to keep a full-scale roofing, flooring, and painting company is intense! It is for this reason that Matthew began taking a different approach to his locational strategy: stay local! Matthew recently shared that “as a new father, I need to keep my focus local, on the towns and villages of The Hamptons.”

Tip #2: Know What You Want

When it comes to choosing a contracting company for your roof repair or installation, it’s so important to select based on price, company reviews, and most importantly, the company values. Why is Roofing in the Hamptons so confident to call itself the best roofing company in Sag Harbor? With the motto, “Always Clean, Always on Time and Always in the Spirit of Service“, locals always commend Matthew’s roof repair team for being respectful and professional.

If you like Roofing in the Hamptons’ services, feel free to couple your roof project with another service offered by Matthew:

Tip #3: Get a Free Estimate

The significant difference between some roofing companies in Sag Harbor is how they do business. Some will charge you for the initial phone call and site visit, while others offer a free consultation and site visit. The difference between a start-up roofing company and a company that has been around a long time is knowing what you get with each service. Sometimes just checking the website can give you all the information you need, but all in all, you should be able to get a contractor to check out your roof for free! Fill out the form in the right column to get your free estimate on your roof.  

Tip #4: Know Your Budget

If you know your spending limits, you can ask your roofing contractor to work within a budget. This is how our lead contractor, Matthew, prefers to work when he visits your home to check out the roof. Based on the budget that you’re working within, you’ll be presented with multiple options of roofing materials which will end up making a huge difference when it comes to the quality of your roof repair. As expected, with top-quality materials, you get a lifetime guarantee, and the cost of your house increases. On the other hand, with lower-quality material, you may be looking at needing another replacement or repair in 10-15 years. When working with Matthew, you quickly realize you’re working with a pro. He is quick to prepare a list of potential roofing materials and add-ons that will give you the best bang for your buck! 

Tip #5: Go With Your Gut

These days, locals know that getting a roof repaired with Roofing in the Hamptons is one of the smartest decisions they’ve made all year. With over 15 years in business and hundreds of projects under their belts, this team is strong, steady, and will not let you down. We strive every day to become the most reliable roofing company in Sag Harbor. So as they say, “go with your gut”! The best part about choosing Roofing in the Hamptons is that you also benefit from having a go-to guy for Painting and Flooring

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