Before & After Transformation of a Historic Home in Halesite, NY


In a stunning display of skill and precision, a recent project undertaken by Roofing in the Hamptons has taken the concept of home improvement to a whole new level. From the initial demo of the existing roof and gutters to the final strokes of exterior paint, this venture exemplified a dedication to perfection and an unparalleled commitment to quality.

The endeavor commenced with the meticulous removal of the old roof and gutters, setting the stage for an array of luxurious enhancements. Of notable mention is the application of the ‘ice and water’ adhesive-backed underlayment, not only bolstering durability but also introducing an extra layer of protection against the harshest of weather conditions.

The project reached its zenith with the installation of the state-of-the-art GAF asphalt shingles, designed with an exquisite scallop shape. These shingles not only added visual allure but also came with a remarkable 50-year lifespan, a true embodiment of Roofing in the Hamptons’ unwavering commitment to excellence.

Further enhancing the project’s splendor were the exquisite copper gutters and leaders, effortlessly merging functionality with opulence. Attention to detail was paramount, even extending to the minutest components like copper pipe flanges and roof pipes, seamlessly woven into the overall architectural design.

A touch of elegance was introduced through the inclusion of bespoke mahogany shutters, infusing the home’s exterior with a timeless charm. Harmonizing these features was a precisely chosen exterior paint job that encapsulated the project’s essence – an unyielding pursuit of perfection.

However, the project’s distinction extended beyond the impeccable execution. Clients were not only astounded by the swiftness and efficiency of the process but also by the professionalism and keen eye for detail that Roofing in the Hamptons consistently displayed. Each step of the journey reflected an unmatched level of commitment to transforming residences into living masterpieces.

In summation, this remarkable home improvement project is a testament to the transformative potential of vision, skill, and an unswerving dedication to delivering excellence. The outcome is more than a mere renovation; it’s a masterpiece destined to withstand time, captivating onlookers and garnering admiration from all fortunate enough to behold it. Roofing in the Hamptons has redefined what it means to elevate homes, leaving an indelible mark on the world of home transformations.



Owner Matthew Forrest is a lifelong East End resident, the son of a local painter and has successfully owned and operated the family business since 2006. Through many years with his roofing company in East Hampton, Matthew developed long-lasting and meaningful relationships with his clients and teams. It’s for these reasons that locals in East Hampton agree that Matthew Forrest is a superb roofing contractor and well worth the investment.

When you work with Matthew, you’ll be treated with respect and offered a pleasant and professional experience with every job. Even with a limited budget, Roofing in the Hamptons is a perfect solution to get your roof done fast and at the best price of any roofing company in Suffolk county.

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